Cirkulacija 2 (underpass Ajdovščina)
Monday 24.08.2020 | 21:45 - 22:30

Electro-acoustic compositions

Cristina Mercuri, Simone Giordano (electronics) & Angelo Martino (guitar), all students from the METS Department at the “G. F. Ghedini” State Conservatory in Cuneo, will be performing six different works composed for a brand new recording project, soon to be published by Da Vinci Classics (Japan). Three of these works are compositions by their teachers from METS (Gianluca Verlingieri, Giorgio Zucco and Davide Ficco); two others for the same project are by Stefano Giorgi and Mirko Andreoli. The last piece, Scaramouche, is by one of the performers, Cristina Mercuri.

All the works have a common theme, the concept of Elettronica Portativa (portative electronics), developed in the last ten years by composer and METS Professor Giuseppe Gavazza. In this case, it consists of a portable and self-sufficient, easily transported machine with an extended guitar and its own sound system.

The following works will be performed:

  • C. Mercuri: Scaramouche
  • D. Ficco: Aavaye darun
  • G. Verlingieri: Resonancias y redobles
  • G. Zucco: In un’ombra apposita
  • M. Adreoli: EA
  • S. Giorgi: Asymmetric thought