Quintessence, Qneo SMAC Quartet & Young Researchers III.
Cirkulacija 2 (underpass Ajdovščina)
Monday 24.08.2020 | 21:00 - 23:30

Performance and sound performances

Tatiana Kocmur & Boštjan Čadež: Quintessence (2020) | Audio-visual performance
Cristina Mercuri, Simone Giordano & Angelo Martino: Qneo-EP | Electro-acoustic compositions
Simone Giordano & Michele Cera: Toc~ | Electro-acoustic composition
Young Researchers III. - Tobija Hudnik: Equilibrium as insta_bility | Sound performance

The festival’s opening night is organised in collaboration with Defonija, .abeceda Institute, Gromka Club and Light Guerilla. Quintessence is an audio-visual performance that combines the new media practice of Boštjan Čadež and the performative body of Tatiana Kocmur, which will take place in front of Klub Gromka on the Square of No Historical Memory while three performances by the younger generation of acoustic researchers are to take place in the club. Cristina Mercuri, Simone Giordano (electronics) and Angelo Martino (guitar), students of the METS Department at the G. F. Ghedini Conservatory in Cuneo, will perform six compositions for guitar and electronics. All compositions are based on the interaction between the guitar and Elettronica Portativa, a special type of electronic instrument. The latter will also be used as the evening progresses in the work Toc~, a composition for percussion, live electronic music and pre-recorded material by Simone Giordano. The percussion instrument played by Michele Cera consists of a piece of wood, the sounds of which are processed in real-time by algorithms for recording and processing signals. For the evening’s conclusion, Tobija Hudnik will present the cast of Equilibrium as insta_bility. Hudnik is this year’s artist-in-residence of Young Researchers (Mladi Raziskovalci), a cycle of residencies, concerts and performances which aims towards the guided inclusion of a younger artist into professional infrastructural and research environments. Young Researchers is organised by .abeceda Institute and artistically directed by Dré A. Hočevar.

Entrance fee: 2 €

Production: METS - Conservatory in Cuneo, .abeceda Institute, Defonija, Gromka Club