Match Gallery
Tuesday 14.07.2020 | 19:00 - Saturday 29.08.2020 | 18:00

Interactive sound installation

Tether is an interactive study on the movement of loosely bound particles in space. Simultaneously free, yet gravitating towards a distinct rest point along a cord, each particle exists in a fluid area between the potential and kinetic. This motion (or lack thereof) of individuals is directly translated into voices that coalesce into a community chorus. Outside actors are encouraged to disturb this state by pulling individual cords to knock particles out of rest. How does the community respond?

Fundamentally, Tether is a translation of physical position and motion into audio, yet it is also a study on observation and influence. A computer vision system tracks individual particles, yet cannot directly influence their position. The community desires harmony, yet outside forces (or individuals within) seek to displace this regularity. How do individuals respond to the disturbance of their neighbors? To what degree does the community remain together or fall apart?