Why spatial sound?
Wednesday 26.08.2020 | 10:00 - 12:00


There are several good reasons why a composer should choose to compose and present one’s composition in a multichannel format using arrays of loudspeakers. Some of them are caused by the way human perception works, some are aesthetic decisions and others are caused by the fact that the technology and software are out there and make it reasonably achievable.

Spatial environments enable the listener to perceive a perspective or a layering of all the sounds in the depth of space. Multiple speaker environments enable the perceptive system to perceive more details of complex music. They even support multiple observation points leading to different experiences of the same musical work. Finally, they create an immersive field surrounding the listener completely, making him part of the acoustic scenery intensifying the experience of sound and dynamics. This talk is intended to introduce this topic, show the perceptive context, and discuss available technical solutions in this field.

Produciton: ZKM Hertz-Lab, osmo/za