Figure-ground (2020)
Cankarjev Dom
Friday 28.08.2020 | 20:30 - 20:50

Audiovisual performance - live stream

Figure-ground deals with the mental and cognitive processes oscillating between reflection and dissociation. As part of the performance, an audiovisual collage is created in real-time. Both the visual and the sonic layer aim at creating a kind of pareidolia effect. Utilising a real-time Canny edge detector, the outlines of a performer’s fragmented self-portrait feed a Gray Scott Model of Reaction Diffusion. Its values control the parameters of an electro-acoustic soundscape which has been derived from electronic manipulation of natural sound objects, amplified small sounds and field-recordings. The audiovisual real-time performance system was developed by Yannick Hofmann during the 2020 Corona lockdown.