Haptics for the Arts
Friday 28.08.2020 | 10:00 - 12:00


The presentation, in the first part, summarises the scientific and technological concepts that underlie the paradigm of “multisensory and interactive simulation of physical objects”, introduced and developed by ACROE (Grenoble, FR), and their applications on musical creation through the Helicanthe platform.

The presentation will shortly address the current state in the arts, science and technology in relation to sound and acoustic digital synthesis. Firstly, we will introduce the physics-based formalism CORDIS-ANIMA, a type of multisensory components-based computer design formalism which includes haptic interaction. We will explain the principles of force-feedback haptic transducers that allow us to manipulate physical models with tactile sense. We will continue by introducing a new way of acoustic diffusion composed of 24 loudspeakers placed on a 3D sphere, allowing the listener to be totally spatially immersed within the sound.

These four technical components – interactive design of physical objects, their real-time simulation, their haptic manipulation and the acoustical and visual 3D displays – are integrated within a platform called “Helicanthe platform”. We will illustrate the technologies and concepts based on examples of physical models designed with CORDIS-ANIMA, real-time simulation and gestural interaction. Finally, we will present excerpts of musical and visual works entirely realised with these technologies.

Production: ACROE-ICA, osmo/za